Before starting

Gather your friends or family and get ready to have an unique experience. If it's a business team building action, gather your colleagues and embark on this realistic and multidimensional adventure together.

Role of Private Detective

You will assume the role of a private detective, collaborating with the Criminal Police in the analysis of diverse documentation, which will help him solve the case. Dig through interviews, files, maps, flyers, and other evidence to solve the riddle.

The Case

In the case, you will find a dossier with several documents that will help you solve the case chosen by you. The cases were designed and conceived to be as close to reality as possible, even if all the history, location and characters are fictional.


The player must familiarize himself with the characters, documents, and locations of the case. After analyzing and connecting all the information and clues that you consider relevant, you will be able to discover the solution to the unsolved mystery.

Reasoning, Logic and Deduction

Created with the intention of constituting a stimulating challenge, the game features puzzles and mathematical challenges that instigate reasoning and deduction capacity, making it a challenging experience.

All the details count

The writers thought of every detail. Every detail matters and is linked to new clues. Even the information that seems most irrelevant can help you arrive at the solution.


Each case was designed to be attractive and challenging for those who play it, also including different obstacles and adversities. This game mode aims to improve communication and synthesis skills.

Help, Tips and Solutions

The case is prepared to assist the player with a help system, hints and clues that are interactive and sequential during the game.
At the end of the investigation, when you want to confirm your theory, based on your investigation, you can access the Solutions section of the case where you can submit your resolution proposal indicating the respective proofs and evidence that prove it. From there, you can confirm whether your theory is correct, thus closing the case.