The Case of Alexander Morrison

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Alexander Morrison, a risk fund manager, is found dead in his apartment. Involved in an alleged love triangle and a scandal that occurred at the company. It's up to you to decipher the puzzles to prove whether it was an Accident, Suicide or Homicide.

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Alexander Morrison was found dead in his apartment in Vale Seco in an enigmatic way. A scandal at the company he worked for shook the city of Vale Seco in the previous weeks. All eyes point towards Alexander as the person in charge of the big accounts. Several suspects were pointed out for his death, but without ever ruling out the possibility that it was suicide or an accident. In addition to possibly being involved in this defiance at the company and according to the pink magazines, Alexander is still involved in a love triangle.

Detective, we're counting on your help to solve this case.

A multidimensional gaming experience that enables a challenging story for all participants. The game consists of a realistic criminal case and requires investigations similar to those carried out by the criminal investigation department in real life. Perfect for date nights, team building, board gamers, crime solvers, challenge fans and everyone who loves a good mystery story!

This case contains 65 elements with very good quality materials and printing.


TYPE Cooperative Game of Deduction and Mystery
DURATION 120-240 minutes
TECHNOLOGY Internet access required
FREQUENCY The game can be used more than once, as long as you don't make notes on the documents. To avoid this, we recommend using Post-it notes. It is recommended that you do not cut/break game materials.
UNIQUE EXPERIENCE When you resolve the case, it will no longer be new to you. However, you can share the game with your friends or with your family. If it's in the context of corporate team building, share it with other teams so that they can use it in their sessions.